Sunnie Liu is an artist who has been exhibited at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston and BLUEorange Contemporary Art Gallery. Liu has also been recognized by Scholastic National Visions Awards, Robert Reed Award for Artistic Excellence, Robert S. Kilborne Memorial Fellowship, and Lohmann and Van Sinderen Design Prizes. Liu's work has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Celebrating Arts, Sweet, Outsmart Magazine, and QUIET!
Liu is a current student at Yale University and was selected to attend the Yale Norfolk School of Art's summer artist residency. Liu has also served as the Creative Director for the Yale Scientific, Yale Globalist, and WeChat Project.
In addition to being an artist, Liu has served as the head student curator at the Yale Center for British Art and the president of Art Junction, an annual Houston-based show that sells artwork to fundraise for arts nonprofits. Liu has interned at DiverseWorks, Houston Center for Photography, and the Museum of Chinese in America too.
Since Liu was born in southern China but grew up in Houston, Texas, Liu's Chinese/Asian American and Houstonian/Texan/Southern roots are integral to both Liu's identity, activism, and artwork.